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Coronavirus Vs Digital Marketing

So we’ve all heard about COVID-19, a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways, caused by a virus called coronavirus. This virus is officially taking over the world, causing several countries worldwide to order a shutdown. It’s taking social media by storm as people flock to their news feeds to stay updated and share local stories of its effects.

With the virus spreading and causing panic, businesses are seeing no option but to temporarily shut down. We’ve noticed that the restaurant and bar industry are particularly seeing the impact of the virus as government advice warns citizens to stay away from such venues. The impact that this could have in the long run could be detrimental when businesses have to make up for current loses. In fact, it’s been estimated that the virus will cost the global economy a total of $2,7 trillion. However, it’s at these times that digital marketing agencies, like ourselves, can work to keep businesses connected with their customers.

Everyone is talking about how much this virus is impacting people’s life, workflow and jobs but how does it affect digital marketing and how can agencies like us at Gloss, use this to keep you running smoothly.

According to Econsultancy and Marketing Week, product and service launches are delayed or under review. There is the uncertainty of how customers will behave in the upcoming months, which can be a worrying time for businesses, but it is believed that consumers will delay in major spending decisions. We at Gloss have realised the effects first hand as clients are reluctant to schedule in-person meetings. Although this situation can have an obvious negative impact on businesses, there are some positives and potential opportunities that could arise. The advice to self-isolate in a bid to combat the virus has, in turn, produced an increase in e-commerce and online services. People are spending more time online as a whole and therefore increasing their usage of social media. At Gloss, we focus heavily on the online world, it’s at these times that the usability, security and professionalism of your website, as well as social media presence, can be of even more importance. Many consumers are going to social media platforms to find and share information regarding the virus, thus spiking an increase in its daily users. This is a key opportunity for businesses to reinforce an online presence and reach out to its market.

If you have an online business here are some steps you can take to help during this time:

  1. Reassure your clients that business should be as usual online, digital marketing is lucky to be mainly focused on online efforts and not physical. 
  2. Work remotely when possible. As an online business, you can have skype meetings with clients and stick to your home office.
  3. Stay updated with trends happening, if your client or business will be impacted by COVID-19 make sure you are doing all you can to help with the marketing of the business to ensure customer satisfaction doesn’t reduce. The news around the virus is changing every day, so make sure you are always on top of things.
  4. Focus on pushing online sales, people are purchasing online a lot more with self-isolation. Therefore, pushing marketing spend online will ensure you are still acquiring the customers you need. 
  5. Ensure your website is usable and working correctly, there’s been an increase in cyber hackers during this period so the security of your site is crucial.

Even if your business isn’t one that focuses on online purchasing, here are some ways you can still take advantage of digital marketing:

  1. Use social media to update clients of your status (whether you’ve reduced opening times or control measures you’re taking).
  2. Use email marketing to give direct updates to customers. You can create a more personalised message this way by including a statement from your companies CEO, as well as being able to analyse open rates – this way you have a better idea of how many customers are engaging with your marketing efforts.
  3. Take advantage of social media platforms and their live story features – update your customers in real time of anything relevant.
  4. Promote your service via social media as more people are currently on the platforms.

Important link to keep you updated about COVID-19 by the government:

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