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Cost Saving Tip for Google AdWords

The Location Tip

Google AdWords sets all new campaigns to cover the whole of the UK by default, which means that if you don’t change your location settings manually, your advert will automatically start showing in irrelevant locations; costing you money and wasting your valuable Ad budget.

We recommend making your Campaigns specific to locations that you wish to gain custom from, in particular by city.

Unique Telephone Number

Once you have started segmenting your Google AdWords Campaigns by location, you can then begin to start using new tricks; one of our favourites being Location specific telephone numbers.

By having a telephone number that begins with a local dialling code, you are instantly letting the user see that you can provide them with services local to them. By implementing this, your costs can decrease on average by ten percent.

Review Extension

We encourage all of our Google AdWords customers to get as many independent reviews as possible in order to showcase 5 stars on their Google adverts. This not only helps the the adverts CPC (Cost Per Click) to come down, but also helps massively to differentiate the advert from a competitors. 

As a trusted partner of Trust Pilot, we are able to assist you in the automation of your review collection, which will ensure the promptness of becoming verified for stars. In order to be able to display stars on Google Ad’s, you will now need to collect 130+ independent reviews from your customers.

We can’t give all of our top tips away for saving money on Google AdWords, but we are more than happy for one of our experts to see how they can assist you.

For more information on how we can assist you with your Google AdWords Campaign, call our team on 0121 794 0070.

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