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Gloss 2021 – A Year In Review

As we look ahead to 2022, the experience of this past year gives us hope for better times and a profusion of potential.

The past year has opened the doors for Gloss on an international scale.

We would like to say thank you for the new partnerships, team members and opportunities that have been put before us.

Starting amid lockdown we adapted swiftly to the new norm. Working from home where required, adapting processes and supporting each other when times were hard set the tone for 2021.

Supporting our clients during these challenging times is what helped set us apart as more than just a Digital and Creative agency. Many of our clients and partners relied on our ability to deliver during this time.

Focussing on long term solutions we worked with our clients acting as their digital concierge. The emphasis on a strong online presence became paramount for many industries. New guidelines introduced by the government resulted in detrimental impact across many industries leaving a lot of uncertainty on how to move forward.

We offered free brand health checks to businesses that needed the help, we contributed to our communities by supporting charities and we focussed on providing proactive guidance to help futureproof our clients.

Without continual growth and progress, words such as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.

As lockdown eased, we welcomed new team members expanding our offering whilst maintaining a focus on the quality of work. The UK was getting back on track as we saw England come together for the Euros this summer.

After an 18-month hiatus, concerts, festivals, sports, and networking events are expected started to return to their pre-pandemic glory.

Gloss became Creative and Digital Partners for The Breakfast Club, bringing to life a unique approach to networking at Everyman Cinema.

We worked alongside In Touch With in preparation for their growth and events in 2022.

We partnered with Nachural in the launch of The Business Influencer Magazine along with the relaunch of the Nachural Summer Ball and the renowned Signature Awards with their premier event in Mayfair, London.

We became official Creative and Digital Partners for The Birmingham Commonwealth Association ahead of the Commonwealth Games next year.

The Agency, Redefined.

In the midst of all the chaos over the past 12 months we completed our refresh campaign for Gloss, resulting in a new brand direction, new website and new opportunities. We expanded across the Globe with a grounded presence in 5 countries. 

As times have changed we have evolved. We are excited to continue enhancing Gloss pushing boundaries, exploring new depths and making a difference.

The Social Media Landscape is Changing. Are You Ready?

As a result of ongoing lockdowns, Tik-Tok’s growth skyrocketed and the platform has replaced Google as the internet’s most popular domain for 2021. 

The short snappy videos have been such a success that the majority of the other social platforms are following in their footsteps by introducing them also, for example YouTube introducing shorts and Instagram with their reels. Netflix also introduced “Quick Laughs” for mobile devices. This kind of video content will continue to dominate in 2022.

Social Ecommerce has been widely introduced, with platforms implementing features from shoppable posts, Instagram storefronts and Tiktok live shopping, social networks are continuing to evolve to become retail platforms.

The Future of Digital 

This year we also saw the change of the overarching name for Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp change to “Meta’ sparking conversation about the future of our social media with the idea of the Metaverse (a network of 3D virtual worlds focused on social connection) making the news line.

As Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) become even more popular, people have been documented spending millions on Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) which can be characters, clothing and land in virtual worlds.

While this may seem illogical to some people, big brands have been buying into this with the majority the designer labels, and celebrities even Disney’s Pixar having their own collection of NFTs or purchasing them.

It has been reported that Snoop Dogg is recreating his own mansion on a piece of virtual land he’s purchased. Last month, Justin Bieber even put on his own concert in a virtual world using his character that emulated his real life movements.

2022 is full of untapped potential, join us as part of our network as we expand into new locations, contribute to our communities and delve into the Metaverse! 

Contact us to unlock 2022’s potential.