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Gloss 2022: A Year In Review

With 2022 now in the rearview mirror, Gloss has big ambitions heading into the new year. For now though, let’s take a look at the key moments throughout this year — from international awards to gaining huge clients, we absolutely smashed it over the last 12 months.

This year, we continued to expand our horizons

Early in the year, Gloss aimed to branch out in terms of team numbers and clientele. That’s why in February we joined the government’s Kickstarter scheme, giving opportunities to several talented work experience individuals that were looking for a chance to develop their industry skills at a company like Gloss. We believe that giving young adults the tools and environment to enhance their skills is crucial to curating a secure and sustainable career path, and we are appreciative that they have chosen to share their budding talent with us here at Gloss. 

We built close relationships with Universities across the UK including Aston and Brighton as we invited students for summer placements. This was an opportunity for the next website and designer enthusiast to experience the creative digital world.  We also had school levers join us before deciding on their next career paths. 

Throughout the rest of the year, we continued to recruit and build our team — Copywriters, Designers, Marketing Executives, and more. Word is travelling fast about the work Gloss does, with more and more wanting to get involved. 

As a company, we have invested in technology, providing specialist services for Blockchain, AI and Fintech. Expanding our international team of marketing experts who are committed to modernising businesses and introducing them to the new world of technology. We are at the forefront of changes in the tech space and are highly enthusiastic when it comes to working with clients to break boundaries using technology, including working on NFT developments and making a splash in the metaverse.

This year, we added some more accolades to our name

Gloss is always looking for fresh ways to make waves in the industry, showcasing our creativity at every possible opportunity. That’s why it is a pleasure to have been recognised for our work by winning some shiny new awards! Gloss travelled down to Mayfair in September to attend the London Signature Awards 2022. Nominated for two awards, Gloss came home with ‘International Business of The Year’ — a huge honour and a reminder of how far we have come. 

After joining the Asian Business Chamber of Commerce earlier in the year, we travelled to Solihull in November to attend their 35th awards evening. As the England national team geared up for their World Cup campaign, at least Gloss brought home a trophy, winning ‘Outstanding Tech Business of The Year’ after being nominated for two awards once again.

We also sponsored some huge events throughout the year including the Nachural Entrepreneurship Awards 2022. Gloss are excited to continue working with organisations around the country to celebrate the best of the best. 

This year, we helped our clients achieve greatness

As the new year saw an influx of new clients, it also saw incredible expansion for our existing clients which continued throughout the rest of the year. We want to give a huge shoutout to all of our clients that are so important to us here at Gloss. To name some names, Desicity, a brand we have worked with from day 1 of their venture, are now being recognised for awards such as ‘Outstanding Startup Business of The Year’. Also, The Networking Clubs grew and grew even further, whilst launching exciting new events such as The Lunch Club that are revolutionising networking. 

Nachural maintained and expanded its notoriety in the awards scene, travelling around the country to host fantastic events with trailblazing winners and nominees. Every single one of our clients are doing amazing things in their industries, and we couldn’t be happier to see it!

This year, we had fun!

Whilst we know how to get down to business, having a good time is also a crucial part of what makes Gloss great. From formal work events all over the country to more casual occasions from birthdays to Halloween and Christmas parties, Gloss always makes time to celebrate and enjoy ourselves.

We want to create an environment where our team looks forward to coming to work, establishing friendships that will last a lifetime, attending unforgettable events, and appreciating the small moments in the office — achieving greatness together is more than just business, it is about having a whole lot of fun whilst doing it. 

Looking ahead to 2023

The years keep coming, and they don’t stop coming. So at the end of every year, we not only like to reminisce on events throughout the last 12 months, but also look ahead to the following year. More clients, a bigger team – put simply, continual expansion is what we are aiming for not just next year, but every year following that. The Year of The Rabbit will see Gloss continue to make leaps and bounds in the industry. See you in the new year! 

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