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Gloss Is International Business Of The Year! Come With Us To The Signature Awards London 2022

And the winner is…Gloss! Here’s a rundown of our amazing evening and the award itself.

On Friday evening, the Gloss team made their way to Mayfair for The Signature Awards London. Greeted by a room filled with outstanding business people, we joined in with the pre-event networking, igniting inspiring conversations which continued into the evening. The stage was set, the food filled the table, and everybody was dressed to the nines.

Gathered all together, everyone took a moment of silence and solidarity to reflect on Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s passing. After an introduction by the one and only Ninder Johal, along with a fascinating discussion with highly successful multiple entrepreneur Lord Rumi Verjee, it was time for host Dave Keeling to announce the winners. To top off an incredible evening, we only went and won the International Business Of The Year Award! Our director Dee Vadgama was there to collect the award on stage, presented by West Midlands India Partnership. Let’s take a closer look at what this award is and what it means to us here at Gloss.

International Business of the Year

The International Business of the Year Award is an award which recognises business’ global success. After being founded in Birmingham 11 years ago, Gloss has spread our creative and digital brilliance across the globe with offices in London, Dublin, Mauritius, Philadelphia and Dubai, and we are in the process of expanding into Canada and across the US. 

Gloss has proven our expertise in all things digital, from creating brand stories to developing future-proof software with an authentic and highly creative approach for both UK-based and international clients alike. With over a decade of experience in the fields of branding, marketing, technology and creative design, Gloss has worked with well-known UK and international clients, including Bushido Coffee and ISHU among many others.

At Gloss, we are all about thinking bigger. We have helped one of our international clients ISHU – featured in Vanity Fair and Vogue – to break boundaries as a highly innovative brand in their creation of products which combine fashion with advanced technology. We have helped them to grow a large celebrity customer base and social media following via highly engaging marketing efforts and visionary product design. Our designers have also created an ISHU clothing range which will be sold at Area 31 festival in Turkey. The company is making waves both in the UK and internationally, with their solar power initiatives making a hugely positive impact in India and Africa. 

Don’t just take our word for it – hear it from ISHU themselves: 

“It has been refreshing to work with a creative agency that provides 360 support for our brand. Gloss has been an important international partner from the start with creative solutions for some our latest inventions and the team has gone above and beyond these last 2 years”

Taking on brands such as ISHU as one of our clients allows us to keep evolving as an agency – it excites us whole-heartedly as a company to work with businesses that are doing things that nobody else is, all with the future in mind. In fact, it continually inspires our approach as a digital marketing agency – we never want to be stagnant, so we always keep moving (ahead of the competition).  

Being nominated for this award has further affirmed to us the strength of our international strategy, and we are over the moon to have been recognised as international experts in our field. 


We are so proud of what Gloss has achieved, yet we believe this is only the tip of the iceberg for our creative digital agency. A huge thank you to The Signature Awards by Nachural Events for a special evening that celebrated the best of the best in business, and also to all those who have been involved in supporting Gloss to get us to this point. 

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