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Gloss Mauritius has officially landed! Expanding our offering and opportunities with a visit to Mauritius and Dubai.

Ready, Set, Launch!

Since Gloss launched over a decade ago, we have expanded all across the globe. Our latest venture saw the exciting opening of our Mauritius office, with our UK team travelling over for the launch. Our team felt honoured to have the opportunity to work on such a beautiful Island and received a warm welcome from the Mauritius team. Our time spent with the team enabled us to get to know one another on a personal level, creating unity between our teams so we can work ahead to achieve even greater milestones this year. 

Last Friday, we celebrated together with our Mauritius team and clients. It was an incredible evening which highlighted the progress we have made as a business and the opportunity we have to become even stronger. We networked with new and existing clients, building relationships and creating new ones. 

The official website launch was received well by the many businesses who attended. The website represents our new chapter in Mauritius and we are excited to see all the possibilities it creates for us. Our Mauritius team brings further ideas, innovation and creativity to Gloss, allowing us to continue to reach new heights.

We brought along clients and several team members to support the opening of the office and to celebrate this momentous occasion. A huge thank you to our Mauritius team for the hospitality they showed us – we cannot wait to return! In the meantime, we will continue working together to continue to build an agency which knows no limits. 

During the rest of our time in Mauritius, we carried out training workshops to further enhance the skillset of our international team, along with meeting new and existing clients. We visiting one of our clients’ head offices, a client who we have previously worked with on developing their website and who own the biggest mall in Mauritius and are working on further developments. 

The Gloss UK team have had an amazing week on the island of Mauritius, and we were lucky enough to be there to commemorate the 55th Anniversary of Mauritian Independence. 

We keep on growing

Our remarkable growth over the last few years is a result of the hard work and dedication of each of our team members and, of course, our devoted clients who we cannot thank enough for allowing Gloss to be a part of their journeys. Each and every client who has stayed with us through the years has allowed us to challenge ourselves and grow as an agency. 

Without the support we have received as a business, we would not be able to have such incredible opportunities. Gloss are committed to providing each of our clients with the best possible service, and we aim to show the same dedication to each of our Mauritian clients. We are certain we will see each one reach incredible new heights. 

We are excited to work on some fantastic projects as well as build on our relationship with current clients, including the biggest shopping mall in Mauritius. This all follows from some members of our team visiting our Dubai office and existing clients.

Gloss is a company we are all proud to work for. We are excited to expand Gloss’s horizons and see the further milestones 2023 has in store for us!

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