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Gloss x Netherlands

We recently jumped on a flight to one of our personal faves, the Netherlands, and we couldn’t wait to share our experiences with you. What began as a business trip soon evolved into an exciting blend of productive meetings and cool cultural sights. 

Gloss visits beach on Amsterdam business trip
Leiden: Where Business Meets Natural Beauty

Our adventure began in the picturesque city of Leiden, known for its gorgeous coastal scenery and rich cultural heritage. We were more than happy to host a beachside lunch meeting with our clients, against the backdrop of crashing blue waves and white sands in the sunshine. As we dined and discussed, the expansive coastal views created an inspiring atmosphere, advancing our ongoing projects. Leiden’s beauty left an indelible mark on our minds and reminded us of the importance of finding inspiration in nature’s wonders. 

Gloss meeting at beach on Amsterdam business trip
Amsterdam’s Artistic Charms

Our next stop took us to the heart of creativity, Amsterdam. We made our base at the Art’otel, a unique place that not only offered us beautiful rooms, but also surrounded us with captivating local art and talent. The hotel itself has an amazing gallery, offering local artists exhibition space to showcase their latest collections. We were lucky enough to be there to see an exhibition named “Street Love”, a mix-medium show featuring a group of artists who all have a particular, but often varied link to art made on the streets. Amsterdam’s thriving arts scene and cultural diversity made us feel right at home, and it wasn’t long before we were fully immersed in the city’s vibrant energy.

Gloss visits art gallery on Amsterdam business trip
Meetings with Creative Minds

Amsterdam proved to be the perfect hub for our creative endeavours. We had the pleasure of engaging in meetings with creative minds from all around the world. The city’s welcoming atmosphere, coupled with its rich history, is a fertile ground for inspiration. These encounters contributed to our new perspectives and ideas that will undoubtedly shape the future of our projects.

Gloss visits art gallery on Amsterdam business trip
Building Lasting Connections

Our trip was not just about business; it was about building lasting connections and fostering relationships with both clients and potential new partners. Gloss had the most memorable time in the Netherlands, solidifying our business relationships and creating a strong foundation for exciting future collaborations. The Netherlands, we will be back soon!

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