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How to boost your enrollment marketing approach

Providing higher education marketing that matters is key to bringing in new students. But how is best to approach this in the current climate? 

When it comes to enrollment marketing, it’s time for a refresh. Whilst face-to-face interaction is returning, there’s no denying that things have changed. The pandemic has pushed digital even further forward, and as well as being crucial for universities to continue teaching and operations, the prospects of digital enrollment marketing are incredibly exciting.

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Redefining in-person enrollment events

There’s no point just sticking with what’s worked in the past because, quite simply, we are no longer in the past. Gone are the days of leaving it up to in-person events to do the talking. We’re not saying to stop doing in person events – not at all. However, the role of such events in our post-pandemic world needs to be redefined and integrated with your institution’s digital approach to make them as meaningful and impactful as possible.

Digital content for higher education 

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There’s no denying that the future is digital, so having a solid digital content plan which engages and excites your audience is imperative. Thinking about what prospective students want to see not just right now but in the future will be the key to enrollment success. Keeping up with current digital trends and fully understanding your audience right now is a given. But being ahead of the curve and offering something a little different captures your audience’s attention – this is where you’ll really make a splash.

Capturing and maintaining students’ attention

Also, how this content is implemented needs to be carefully considered. We can compare this to watching a series on a streaming platform. Some programmes are dropped all at once and binged by the audience in a day or two and then left alone. But others are released episode by episode, maintaining engagement consistently over an extended period of time. The latter is what is needed for your digital strategy. The aim is to get your audience to get excited about what their top-choice university is going to show them next.

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