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Lead generation: what are the biggest barriers?

What are the biggest barriers to generating leads online, and how can you avoid them?
Having a solid lead generation strategy brings in traffic and produces quality leads. This is key for your business’s success, so it shouldn’t be overlooked. There are three main barriers when it comes to this, and we’ve laid them out for you here so you can be ready to nail your lead generation game.

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Not understanding your online customer 

Poor understanding of your online customer is undoubtedly the most important obstacle to overcome before your lead generation can soar. You need to know who your customer is – exactly who they are. Not just their occupation but also their wants and needs. Once you know and understand their wants and needs, you can establish how your product answers their problems, and then what they search for online to get a solution. Getting inside the heads of your customers and understanding their motivations will help you to tailor your content specifically to them. This will capture their attention over your competitors and turn their clicks into conversions. 


Poor communication

Communicating your value proposition clearly and efficiently will engage your customers and let them know why you’re the best for what they want. Understanding your customer feeds into this – always make sure your messaging is relevant, persuasive and consistent. It’s also super important to ensure that your communication takes place over multiple channels – on your website, social media, paid ads and more. Guide your customers throughout the entire process from click to sale and beyond, using call to actions throughout.

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Technical issues

Technical problems hinder lead generation by stopping leads from following through and can also impact your brand image negatively. The best way to avoid this is to check, check and check again. Simplifying any forms and including lots of landing pages will help things to run smoothly, and going through the whole process that your customers go through will help to iron out any problems.

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