Branding & PR

Brand Development

Perfecting your company’s perception in the marketplace takes a lot of analysis and planning. Consistency is key, and that can take a lot of time and effort to achieve professionally. If done correctly, there are significant benefits that strengthen your company’s position and make your brand more accessible and relatable to your audience.

At Gloss, we have every base imaginable covered when it comes to your company’s brand development, confidently implementing various assets, services and strategies, all tailored to your needs and your market. Let Gloss light a fire under you and guide you to success faster. 


Videography services can hugely benefit your company’s promotions or website. However, add some animation into the mix to bring your logo to life or make your social media posts sing louder and suddenly, your voice drowns out the rest. Tap into unspent potential to boost your company’s presence and following to the next level.

Gloss has in house animation experts, ready and raring to help broaden your company’s horizons with bespoke futuristic content and creative flare. 

Graphic Design

The quality of a company’s graphic design can make or break them. It is an immediate knee-jerk reaction from an audience that often reels them in or turns them away, and usually it happens within a split second. No matter your needs, if your logo is looking tired or needs updating, if you need a product mock up to help your sales pitch or if you need a billboard promotion designed,

Gloss’ talented and experienced in house graphic designers could be your new best friends. Gloss know how to make your brand look prominent and professional and can restore your company’s visual or creative flare in no time at all. For all your graphic design needs, contact Gloss today.