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Engage with customers in the best way with Gloss CX services.

The power of CX

At Gloss, our brand designers are experts in understanding how your customers engage at multiple touchpoints. We believe that all the touchpoints that your customers interact with are interconnected, all linked to your brand’s core story. Let us tell this story for you.







Developing good CX and a vision of how to implement it is a process. Understanding the customer is imperative to success as well as their needs – their expectations should be taken into account and used to formulate a strategic approach to marketing.

From a simple leaflet to a complete brand launch, every single step that a customer will take when interacting with your business must be creatively considered and crafted together. The team at Gloss focuses on not just how to appeal to your customers’ thoughts but more importantly to their feelings and how we can make a positive impact in their journey with your brand.

This will develop a more engaging and elevated connection with consumers. It is no longer just a product or service that people want – focus has been drawn to how they interact with a service or company. It is the very experience and relationship with the organisation that confirms their reaction and helps to generate a positive buzz.

When creating your CX, we create a journey map which breaks down how customers interact with your business over time. Our team of specialists create seamless transitions between touchpoints, guaranteeing consistent and on-brand experiences.

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“I’ve worked with the Gloss team for some time now, I always found the guys can meet deadlines and deliver when required on timescales.”


Tony Shergill

Director • BritAsia TV

“Absolutely top quality service, content and creative geniuses. Would strongly recommend these guys to anyone”


Aldo Chiappetta

Director • ROC CO BRANDS

“Best design agency I have worked with by a very wide margin. They require no chasing and work efficiently and rapidly through any work you throw at them.”


Serge Davies

Director • Nicoflo Ltd