Website Development

Reimagine your online presence, bringing innovative and exciting new features and designs to enhance your target audience engagement. A freshly updated website can make a world of difference in attracting new business and out-marketing your competition.

At Gloss we have two decades experience in web development, implementing only the most up-to-date design and functionality to maximise the site’s traffic, search engine optimisation and user satisfaction. With continued support and brand development, Gloss is a unique one-stop-shop for all your web development needs. 

App Development

Got a great idea for an App, but too little time to develop it? At Gloss, we can help evolve your project from its first inception through to worldwide implementation, with continued support for upkeep and future developments.

We handle all the legislation compliance and specific requirements, build the app for you, publish it, market it and support its growth for as long as you desire us to. The App marketplace is still young, but it is growing rapidly. Your app concept could be the next global life changer. 

Software Development

If your company has complex back office needs such as fully functioning e-commerce sites with payment processing, automated email chain production or even if you just want a feature to be interactive on your website, it is important to pick a developer that won’t take shortcuts that could cause a nightmare down the line.

Gloss’ in-house software development specialists have a wealth of knowledge and experience in creating web applications and WordPress plugins to provide effective and reliable solutions to a huge range of questions. To start developing your specialised software, contact Gloss today.