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The Future of Social Media Marketing: Post-COVID

Throughout lockdown, social media was a godsend for keeping us all entertained, informed, and connected. Marketing strategies had to swiftly change and brands had to adapt to a new way of communicating. But what will the world of social media look like post-COVID?

The mindset and needs of our consumers have changed and so has the way we consume online content. Social media will be the main strategy to thrive in a post-COVID world, so it’s vital that your business has a presence.

What do people want to see on social media?

Now, more than ever, consumers are looking for a raw, unedited version of influencers and brands with empathetic and compassionate messaging now an expectation. With the surge in video content, thanks to platforms such as Tik Tok and features such as Instagram Reels, brands now have to be more creative than ever. How can your brand show it’s creativity? Depending on your industry, you could create a ‘how-to’ video, release a recipe your customers would love to try, show before and after transformations, and so on.

People want to see the REAL values behind you and your brand. Be sure to create content that sparks engagement from the consumer, such as polls, questions, and interactive stories. You can use the information gathered to further understand your target market, as well as supplying opportunities to interact with your followers – this is ALWAYS a good thing.

Our social media top tips and predictions:

  1. Social Media jobs and creativity skills will be more valued than ever
  2. Video content will continue to rise in production and demand
  3. The more authentic the content, the better
  4. Honesty, empathy, and social consciousness will win on social
  5. Social listening and community engagement will be at the forefront of marketing strategies
  6. We’ll be constantly adapting to new technologies and changing consumer needs

Social media can be your best friend if used correctly. Creating engaging, on-brand posts and knowing your target audience is KEY.

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