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The Top 10 Christmas Ideas To Incorporate Into Your Social Media

If you have a business, then utilising social media is a MUST. Grow your customer base, showcase your products or services, and the endless list of other opportunities social media provides. But in the current climate, with fewer people able or willing to shop in stores, platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are becoming the ultimate market place.

A whopping 64% of shoppers are visiting social media platforms for inspiration and gift ideas, so with the increase of shoppable posts, the trend will only continue to grow. So how do you make Christmas social media content that adds value?

Adding a Christmas Twist To Your Account

The Christmas period is huge for businesses everywhere, and with more people opting to shop small this year, the race for attention and sales starts now. Great festive content may not be enough, how can you add a Christmas twist to your usual account?

  • Create a winter wonderland themed cover photo
  • Add a Christmas twist to your logo – so this could be something simple like a Santa hat or snow
  • Jazz up website landing pages with festive deals

Christmas Social Media Content Ideas

  • #12DaysOf – something. Here you can add whatever is most relevant to your industry and spread content out across 12 days. This could be deals, tips, product announcements, you name it! Research the #’s trending, to ensure maximum exposure.
  • Christmas and New Years Party Ideas. If you’re B2B, office managers will love having inspiration! Bring something different to the traditional office party and watch engagement soar. Everyone loves a bit of inspiration!
  • Gift ideas for her/him. Here you can plug your own products, but it could also be a good idea to create a gift guide with other products that can be used to compliment yours. If you can pick a theme, then even better. Be sure to include links and prices where you can. Customers love gift guide inspiration – Pinterest is a great platform for this!
  • Festive competitions. Who doesn’t love a giveaway, but any competition that requires customer engagement is great. You could partner up and share the exposure as well. 
  • Christmas memes. The use of memes is continuing to rise, and the good thing is the content is already viral. Using current memes and relating them to your business can be a great way to show personality through your brand.
  • Charity fundraising. The holidays are all about giving, and what better way to show some love than raising money for a local charity. Get your followers involved and show that you’re a brand that cares. Genuineness is key.
  • Trends and predictions. With Christmas, comes the end of a year. People look at January as a fresh start, so share some industry insights and keep your customers ahead of the game. Own a salon? What do you think the next hair trend will be? Share this with your customers and prove your industry knowledge!
How To Guides:

Your followers will love seeing tips, tricks, and guides. You can also use this as an opportunity to show your brand personality and get creative. Video content is the way forward now, with video content boasting more engagement than a standard image or post.

  • Festive recipes – from this you can engage further with your audience by asking them to post pictures of their attempts! TikTok’s are blowing up right now, so get your camera and whip up a storm.
  • Festive cocktails – we all like a Christmas tipple. People look to social media for escapism and inspiration, so get creative and drop the recipe! You could even do a step by step video tutorial for extra content.
  • General how-to guide or video. Show your expertise and get creative. Your followers will love to know inside tips and tricks. How to create the perfect Christmas make up look, how to wrap gifts like a pro this year, and so on. Keep it relevant to your industry, but have fun with it!

The most important thing to remember this Christmas is to spread joy, we’ve all been through a rocky year so now is the time to come together – virtually of course. So engage with your followers and offer value. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

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