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UK charity shops turn to e-commerce

Online charity shop sales soared by 151% in the six months between February and July 2021

With a huge amount of people stuck at home in lockdown, many seized the opportunity to have a clear-out. As a result, charity shops saw a massive rise in donations. However, with stores having to close due to the pandemic along with staff shortages after opening back up, the items were piling up but the funds were not. That’s where e-commerce came in.

Sell products online

Switching on to e-commerce

Charity shops have turned to online platforms to help to offset the lack of sales caused by forced shop closures during the pandemic. In the six months between February and July, charities saw a 151% increase in online sales according to Shopiago, a web-based platform which allows charities to enter the world of e-commerce. Pet supplies, baby products and sports memorabilia were top sellers according to the platform.

Long-term online strategy
Set up e-commerce

Most online charity shop sales were via Ebay, a good choice for charities due to being able to reach a large audience and not usually having to pay any fees. Online sales have provided a lifeline for charities during the pandemic, and charities are realising the power of e-commerce for increasing revenue. This initial adaptability has now become a part of many charities’ long-term strategy, and e-commerce has allowed our much-loved charity shops to carry on.

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