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What makes radio marketing a good choice?

The power of radio – how radio ads can boost your business

Just over a century ago, the first paid-for radio commercial debuted. Queensboro Corporation was advertising apartments for sale in New York, costing them $50 for 50 minutes of airtime. Since then, radio advertising has well and truly taken off, and whilst it might not be quite so cheap anymore, it’s still a great option for your business’s marketing strategy. Let’s have a look at some of the key reasons why.

Radio marketing services

Radio is accessible 

Due to the rise of mobile devices and applications, it’s now easier than ever to get radio wherever and whenever – not just at home or in the car. People now enjoy listening to the radio on portable devices – and radio doesn’t even require people to look at a screen in order to consume content. Also, radio marketing can be done both on traditional commercial radio as well as digital radio advertising on platforms such as Spotify.

Reach with radio

Radio achieves a consistently high reach, and there’s no indication of this changing any time soon. According to figures from Statistica, radio reached 88.1% of the UK population in the first quarter of 2020. 

Radio ads are cost-effective  

Advertising on the radio is much cheaper than television and print advertising, making it a great option to incorporate into your marketing strategy. Production costs are also much lower compared to other forms of advertising.

Targeted ads with radio

Radio advertising allows you to reach both a specific demographic and specific geographic location. This means that you can target your exact customer base, exposing relevant customers to your product or service.

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