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Evolve your analytics strategy.

Information is power

Knowing someone interacts with your website or app is good, but understanding how they are engaging with it in detail is the key to your business’s success. At Gloss, we understand that learning as much as we can about user engagement is the key to getting the best value and results within the software you use.






User based

Understanding how to differentiate website analytics into many different data dimensions and metrics involves many aspects. How users interact with your website; how long they dwell there; the browser they are using; if they are on mobile or on a desktop; which site they had previously been on prior to yours; forms that were submitted and how many users exist currently on your site – all of these elements must be considered in detail. Mastering this art will in turn help you keep track of your ROI through specific insights into the various ways your users found and utilised your site.

It’s super important to spot the trends in your users’ activities and make informed decisions based on this knowledge to further understand the processes of engagement. Gloss helps you to discover missed advertising opportunities, justify effective advertising and measure all types of published content.

Heat map, user flow, CJ improvement and session analysis are just some of the aspects we focus on when dissecting how customers use various digital mediums to improve your data quality, in turn growing your business.

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